Softkeyboard Changelog

You’ll find a the list of changes for every release of the android softkeyboard on this page, feel free to post comments or suggestions if you are missing a feature or if you found something that should be fixed or might be improved.

version 3.4.5, 2017/07/06

  • Fixed more frequently occurring error

version 3.4.4, 2017/06/26

  • Addressed problem of not responding input on Android 7.0

version 3.4.3, 2017/06/18

  • Fixed unclosed system resource issue that could cause application not responding error on some devices

version 3.4.2, 2017/06/03

  • Fixed crash when accessibility service is used in Chrome browser
  • Fixed contact picker in android M and later
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error after the message analysis

version 3.4, 2017/01/18

  • Quickly share URLs directly from the browser address bar on Twitter / Facebook / StumbleUpon / Delicious / GoogleBookmarks and Reddit
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the text proposals to disappear

version 3.3.2, 2016/12/20

  • Fixed a crash error that occured on Galaxy Note 5/7 and Motorola Griffin devices

version 3.3.1, 2016/08/11

  • On some devices the accessibility service didn’t work was expected, e.g. in the browser bar
  • Fixed an error that sometimes created a message, then restarted the app

version 3.3, 2016/07/25

  • Favorites can now also be selected when the app is used as an accessibility service
  • Improved word prediction matching your input
  • Additional syllable proposal while typing a word
  • Configurable case-sensitive shortcut matching
  • Updated the set of words
  • Fixed annoyance caused by the app when editing an address in the browser bar
  • Fixed an issue when using the app with classic text messages on some phones
  • Fix for the undo sign that sometimes was not shown

version 3.2, 2016/04/09

  • Text tools
  • Search Google for word under cursor
  • Open Wikipedia
  • Translate word under cursor
  • Possibility to have more than 4 proposals in the list
  • Smaller improvements have been added

version 3.1, 2016/01/15

  • Improved the design of the overlay gui
  • Added Undo function to revert a shortcut replacement
  • Showing the replacement text of the shortcut when used as an accessibility service
  • Fixed an issue when saving or updating shortcuts, the validation wasn’t taken into account

version 3.0, 2015/12/31

  • support for accessibility service in Android Lollipop and later
  • use all blueduino shortcuts and macros with your favorite keyboard
  • added icons to denote the availability of a replacement snippet under the cursor
  • improved usability

version 2.9.8, 2015/12/23

  • Synchronization of shortcuts with other devices is possible
  • Export/save and import a selection of shortcuts
  • Some small fixes

version 2.9.2, 2015/10/12

  • Letters like ‘w’ in the keyboard are no longer truncated
  • ‘.com’ key did not work in landscape mode
  • added icons for kindle devices
  • clean in-app purchase for the Samsung store
  • Text-to-speech now stops upon incoming call
  • Several smaller fixes of truncated dialogs

version 2.9.0, 2015/10/03

  • Internal updates for use with other markets
  • Fixed an issue of two keys not functioning properly

version 2.8.4, 2015/09/27

  • Greatly improved dictionary speed
  • Fixed an issue that occurred only on some device and android version combinations

version 2.8, 2015/05/16

  • The keyboard now has support for extended Utf-8 characters
  • Emoji icons are now part of the keyboard can be typed everywhere
  • Freely change the background- and text-color of the keyboard
  • Set transparency on the keyboard and bluetab
  • Added possibility to select a custom keyboard font

version 2.7, 2015/05/08

  • fixed an issue when re-opening the shortcuts activity and the datepicker was in use earlier
  • fixed problem in the numeric keypad
  • added hint if clipboard is empty
  • some icons were improved
  • smaller improvements and speedups have been applied

version 2.6, 2015/04/17

  • Added option to immediately expand a shortcut
  • Macro to have formatted date of day
  • Setting to omit the whitespace character when a shortcut was inserted
  • Further improved the speed of the softkeyboard

version 2.5.1, 2015/03/24

  • fixed a crash that occurred on devices with Android 4.0.3/4.0.4

version 2.5, 2015/03/20

  • Macros can now easily be added to own shortcut definitions
  • Simplified Setup
  • Fixed smaller bugs

version 2.4.3, 2015/03/03

  • Speak text under cursor for people with disabilities
  • Small fix in flip text

version 2.4.1, 2015/02/20

  • Added flip text option
  • Fixed a problem in select all/copy
  • many smaller improvements where applied

version 2.4, 2015/02/06

  • Added multiselect and delete functionality
  • Added more settings for keyboard customization
  • New feedback option
  • fixed a bug that could occur during copy to clipboard
  • many smaller improvements where applied

version 2.3.3, 2015/01/24

  • Fixed an issue showing the softkeyboard although a bluetooth keyboard was attached

version 2.3.2, 2014/11/17

  • Fixed an issue showing the shortcut list on wrong occasions if a bluetooth keyboard was attached

version 2.3, 2014/11/12

  • Added a date- and time picker
  • Added on option to select all and copy with just one tap
  • many smaller improvements and fixes have been incorporated

version 2.2.1, 2014/10/02

  • Added possibility to remove entries from the dictionary
  • improved word proposals
  • fixed an issue that sometimes occurred for english autocompletion

version 2.2, 2014/09/24

  • Quick Insert of formatted contact infos
  • Favorite Shortcuts
  • Clipboard History
  • Option to analyse text messages for writing style
  • Improved word prediction
  • a lot of smaller improvements

version 2.1, 2014/07/19

  • Automatically switching shift after full stop
  • Auto repeat for spacebar, delete, etc.
  • Added more than 20 smileys
  • Fixed a key lag that sometimes occurred when writing fast
  • a lot of smaller improvements

version 2.0.10, 2014/06/29

  • fixed the back key it sometimes did not navigate back as expected
  • key layout improvements
  • default shortcuts can now be accessed from the list of proposals

version 2.0.9, 2014/06/14

  • improved settings menu
  • improved user help
  • fixed an issue that could occur during orientation change on some devices

version 2.0, 2014/05/24

  • support for a softkeyboard mode
  • haptic feedback setting added
  • auditive feedback on keypress

version 1.4, 2014/04/12

  • added italian keyboard layout
  • added spanish keyboard layout
  • added polish keyboard layout

version 1.3, 2014/02/23

  • added statusbar icon to easily access the snippets via the clipboard
  • added filter possibility to quickly find snippets

version 1.2, 2014/01/11

  • resolved problem that sometimes occurred when trying to add a new shortcut
  • improved layout for smaller devices

version 1.1, 2013/12/31

  • fixed copy&paste issue

revision 1, 2013/12/22

  • initial release